The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

We have known for a long time that plastic is bad. Not only for the environment but also for our health and the health of the fish and the overall ocean. Coming from a poorer area myself, it is not uncommon for us to see plastic bags, cups and bottles littered on every street corner.... Continue Reading →

Self Reflections from Nature

Breaking "expectations" Often, I find my moods change with the seasons. I look to nature for sympathy and healing when I cant bring the light inside of myself. What I fail to realize is that the only "failures" I highlight in my life are the ones given to myself, by myself. The fact that even... Continue Reading →

A Poem of Hope

She can Bring about life, Flourish in joy and beauty Gentleness and kindness  Flow with her pride,She provides,All that we needAll that she gives is theLife that we succeed She wants to see us nourished With this she is complete But when face with greed She binds and she breaks She fights for her life... Continue Reading →

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