Window Cleaner that is streak free

There is a few reasons one might want to make their own window cleaners for the house. To reduce the chemical load in the house. We all know that cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are no good for us and it is especially important if we have children in the house who like to... Continue Reading →

Gentle Herbal Baby Powder

Diaper rashes can really suck. It can always be a fight to try and figure out what is causing them and why your little one keeps getting them. It can be a long road but there is a lot to consider when your trying to find out what is causing your poor child's bum to... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: DIY Whitening Toothpaste

Alright, I've been making this stuff nearly two years now, my whole family uses it and I even have a few friends that get some from me and they like it too. Some people have even said they have seen results within 3-4days of use. You can flavor this toothpaste with either peppermint or a... Continue Reading →

Healing Herbs for the Heart

As many of you know, the heart is spiritually one of the most synergistically difficult things to heal. The heart needs a lot of attention and can often change within a single second. A lot of us in these times have experienced heartache due to mistrust, loss or disappointment so its something that all of... Continue Reading →

Juniper and Thyme Sanitizer

Winter is coming, and so are the bugs, and this year we hear they are going to be TERRIBLE. Even though we cannot avoid every single bug that is out there, we can take some precautions to keeping ourselves healthy and avoid getting sick "as much". It is almost inevitably known that if your going... Continue Reading →

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