Window Cleaner that is streak free

There is a few reasons one might want to make their own window cleaners for the house. To reduce the chemical load in the house. We all know that cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are no good for us and it is especially important if we have children in the house who like to... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Burning Palo Santo

I often use Palo Santo at home because I there is something about the smell that captivates me and keeps me grounded. It brings me back to a state of calm and awareness and allows me to focus on things I would otherwise be too busy minded to think about. But Palo Santo doesn't just... Continue Reading →

Stinging Nettle: A Highly Nutritious Herb

Stinging nettle may not sound like something you would want to harvest and eat, but its nutritive qualities are shown to be very helpful and impressive to many people including pregnant women. To many, nettle may be considered just another annoying forest or yard plant as the sharp stinging leaves cause one to experience skin... Continue Reading →

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