VIDEO: Our Tiny Get Away

We went out for some much needed family time in the woods this last weekend. Nature is the best healer of all. Rowan played peek-a-boo behind the trees and made them dance and we seen some of natures beautiful sights in the peak of late winter. Sneak a peak for a little inspiration of a... Continue Reading →

The Best travel Bamboo Utensils

These travel utensils are awesome! They are re-usable and eco-friendly. If you are a backpacker, hiker or even someone who just enjoys camping, I would suggest these little guys as your friend. They even have a clip to attach to your bag if your always on the go. They come with a spoon, fork, chopsticks... Continue Reading →

Children in Nature

This past weekend we decided we would spend a little time outdoors before the winter winds start to blow freely. Fall is our most favorite time to travel, the trees are coming to an end in their turning of colors and the fall breeze rushes the fresh scent of pine and crisp leaves under your... Continue Reading →

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