Gentle Herbal Baby Powder

Diaper rashes can really suck. It can always be a fight to try and figure out what is causing them and why your little one keeps getting them. It can be a long road but there is a lot to consider when your trying to find out what is causing your poor child's bum to... Continue Reading →

Children in Nature

This past weekend we decided we would spend a little time outdoors before the winter winds start to blow freely. Fall is our most favorite time to travel, the trees are coming to an end in their turning of colors and the fall breeze rushes the fresh scent of pine and crisp leaves under your... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering at it’s best

Cloth diapers used to be much different a while back. In fact today they have been made so easy to use I am almost wondering why everyone hasn't jumped on the band wagon. It has appeared that although not everyone is doing it just yet, it has gotten more mainstream. I don't have much negative... Continue Reading →

Hiking with a Baby

This past weekend we had went on our first backpacking trip of the season as a family. Our one year old son had come along with us this time so we had a few extra things we needed to keep in mind. We started our season off with the Manistee River Trail, amongst the Manistee... Continue Reading →

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