The purpose of this blogging site is to provide those with information on health and wellness using alternative healing information. I have been working with herbal medicine and nutrition since 2015 and I will always be continuing my studies to help better my knowledge with the moving times. Living alternatively is a lifestyle choice that I find very gentle, rewarding and beneficial. My experience with herbs has been nothing but positive over the years as all of the information I provide on this site are only remedies that I have used at home with myself, my family or my friends.
My herbal journey began when I first met my fiancé. We both found a love for the gentle beauty of nature and what it had to offer. At the time I had a lot of medical disarray. I had been on antidepressants for nearly 8 years. I was manic depressive, I had social anxiety, I was hypoglycemic had irregular periods and worst of all I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. The Dr. had told me that the only way to rid of my syndrome was to have my ovaries removed. And what that meant for me was either a hard conception or no children at all. I was only twenty and I felt almost hopeless for what my future was going to hold because the only thing I truly wanted in life was to be a wonderful mother and a wonderful wife. But, I didn’t let my “for-told” future get me down. Instead I started reading book after book, and doing hours of endless research and experimenting. And after all of my endless book spending and hours spent reading I put my knowledge to the test and I took hold of my own future.
Here I am, years later. I am happy, healthy and no longer experiencing any of my conditions that I had my entire life all thanks to the lifestyle I chose for me and my family, and best of all…we received a beautiful blessing from god. Our son.
All of the information that I provide on my blog is to help you make wonderful changes in your life that you may be feeling down about and I hope that I may inspire some of you to also regain control of your own lives!
I must note that, I am however not a Dr. so the purpose of this information is only to inform those who share interest in living by alternative medicine or alternative living.
Thank you for everyone and their support ❤