Common Medicinal Wild Plant Foods In Your Backyard

Everywhere you look there are hundreds upon thousands of different species of plants out in the wilderness. Some of them are more common then others and often grow between the pavement in cities as well. As nature persists to grow just about anywhere, here are a few very valuable plants that might just be growing right in your backyard!

Lemon balm leaves
Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm- Lemon balm is a highly nutritious herb that can often be found wild grown. It has a very citrusy smell to it and makes for a healing and nutritious herbal tea! You can cut, dry and store this herb through the winter!

Mint- Mint is wild. When planted it spreads like wildfire. If your lucky enough you could find a patch of mint right in your backyard. Mint can be used in tea, juices, smoothies or to make a wonderful herbal shampoo. Herbal Shampoo Recipe.

Plantain- A great nutritive herb that is wonderful as a topical poultice to help remove


toxins and soothe itching. It great for use on spider bites. It also is great to add to salads or sautees in the kitchen! Use it like a spinach in any dish you desire.

Dandelions- I love dandelions, you can use the flowers, leaves and the roots. Dandelion roots can be used in a wonderful decoction tea. You can roast dandelion roots and steep with chicory root to make a soothing coffee flavored tea. The leaves are wonderful juiced or added to a salad and are highly detoxifying (as is the root). The flowers are wonderful added to salads and are great when used to make a creamy hand salve for dry garden cracked hands. Some like to make dandelion wine!


Nettles- Nettles are delicious! If you have never had a pot of nettle soup I would make that your first try. Nettle (also known as stinging nettle) has little tiny hairs on it that can cause irritation to the skin upon touching. So when you harvest nettle make sure you use gloves. If you ever get “stung” by nettle always remember that you can use the juice of the nettle plant to take the irritation away. But why would you want to eat something that could irritate your skin? Do not fret, once the nettle is cooked or juiced it no longer has that ability. Do your body a favor and treat it to a big delicious bowl of nettle soup.

Red Clover– I cannot express how much this herb makes for a nutritive staple in your home. The tea of red clover is absolutely delicious and full bodied. It is great alone hot or cold with an added sweetener of choice. You can use the flower tops and the leaves of this plant. Red clover can be great for anyone with a high acting nervous system. It can

red clover
Red Clover

assist in helping balance hormones, provide relief for bronchial problems and help ain in healing infections.

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