Homebirth Photographs

It has taken me some time to get these photos up on the blog page. But I have finally done so. Thank you for your support in looking over these beautiful photographs of our birth of Everett. ❤

“The labor went smoothly. I had been having contractions all day and was whole heartedly in denial that my baby was coming. The last nine months had went so fast that I hardly believed it was time. It was my chance to experience my first home birth and do it all on my own and it was everything I could have ever imagined it was.” A very large thank you to the midwives at help. They were all wonderful, encouraging and supportive.

Photocredit : Lisa M. Hodack

LHP-1 LHP-2 (2)LHP-13 (2)LHP-15 (2)LHP-16LHP-17LHP-22 (2)LHP-25 (2)LHP-28LHP-29LHP-33 (2)LHP-34LHP-37 (2)LHP-39 (2)LHP-40 (2)LHP-42 (2)LHP-43 (2)LHP-46LHP-47LHP-49 (2)LHP-64LHP-65LHP-67 (2)LHP-69 (2)LHP-71 (2)LHP-77LHP-78LHP-83 (2)LHP-84 (2)LHP-92 (2)LHP-97LHP-98LHP-100 (2)LHP-107

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