Red Clover: Not Just A Weed

You may have found yourself approaching some of these on a walk out in the woods at one time. These little pink flowers are bright and beautiful and the bee’s love them as much as they love the dandelions. I used to pick these flowers as a kid and remove the petals one at a time to suck on them in hopes that I would catch the slightest bit of fresh sweet honey tucked at the bottom. Just like dandilions, red clover is saught out as a weed, but its not, it is so much more then that!

When picking this herb to use for medicine you can choose the flowers and the leaves. But what and why would you want to consume it? Red clover is excellent in supporting the lymphatic system and cleansing lymph fluid and can be effective for fighting any sort of cancer. It acts as a wonderful diuretic and makes for an excellent partner in fighting disease with the blood. ( Leukemia, multiple myeloma..etc.). It can also be helpful for weight-loss because of its ability to work with its amino acids to breakup and reduce stored-up unnecessary fats. Last, but not least, it has the wonderful ability to cleanse the body of toxic heavy metals and pesticides such as DDT.

Red clover contains disease fighting alkaloids, molybdenum, manganese, selenium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, B vitamins and more! Its energizing effects make it a wonderful herb to drink as a tea atleast three times a day for someone who is feeling exhausted. So next time your looking for a great daily tea to add to your routine pick up a little red clover! It pairs well with chamomile or lavender!

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