Advantages To A Natural Birth And Preparing For Labor

There is a lot of said reasons for birthing naturally, and while a lot of women strive to try and have a natural birth, many women jump the gun for the pain medication out of pain of fear. But there are a lot of advantages to having a natural birth and doing things without the pain medication.

Ditching Drugs Can Have Benefits

According to a study in National Vital Statistics Reports, women who receive an epidural have a greater incidence of risky intervention such as C-section, vacuum extraction or forceps. Having an emergency C-section because babies heart rate has slowed down or because mom cannot get into touch with her natural feeling and instinct to push when her body demands can cause many complications.

If you skip the drugs you can immediately proceed to breastfeed and be able to enjoy the most important moment of your life without the interruption of a “drug buzz”.

Epidural side effects can include fever, low blood pressure for momma and headaches.

Faster recovery

“These moms are up faster, feel better and often experience less tearing and swelling.” says Ryan Dickerson M.D. By skipping the med’s women instinctively push instead of doing so when told which mean’s less pushing and less forced execution. Less forced pushing gives the body time to stretch on it’s own in a timely manner which in turn means less tearing, safer birth and a better recovery.


It is important to keep in mind when giving natural birth not to let the media fear of birth grab ahold of you. You must remember to believe in yourself and your body. The pelvis and vaginal tissues were made for delivery. When in a low-stress environment the brain releases endorphins that help with pain. The fetus has a soft spot so it can mold to fit out of the birth canal. Women’s bodies were designed for birth and to recreate life and we should all believe in that with our whole hearts. You were born and designed to breed. Complications are the exception–not the rule.

Birth Mantra: “My body knows how to give birth, just like it knows how to breathe.”

Gearing Up For Birth

There are a few things that we can do in our third trimester to help prepare ourselves for a better and easier labor. Everyone has a different lifestyle but these few methods have been tried and said effective by many women.

Drink Red Raspberry Tea: 4-5 cups a day. If you cannot drink that much tea in one day at least try to have 2-3 cups a day. You can drink it cold or hot with honey or not but no matter how you drink it make sure you have it every day in the last 4-5 weeks of your pregnancy. Red raspberry tea has shown to strengthen the uterine walls and decrease labor time.

Eat 6 Dates Daily: There have been three separate studies suggesting that eating dates can help with an easier labor and birth. Six dates a day from 36 weeks until the big day. One interesting study, published in 2011: The effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on labor and delivery states:

  • 74% of women were more dilated than non-date eaters at admission to birthplace
  • 38% of women were more likely to have intact membranes
  • 21% of women were more likely to go into spontaneous labor
  • 77% of women had shorter first stage labors

Eat Lots Of Fruit and Drink Lots Of Waterย 

Glucose from fruits are super important when gearing up for labor. Your body is running a literal marathon using all of its reserves of glucose and adrenaline when your in labor and giving birth. It is no wonder why women are so exhausted after birth. By eating lots of high glucose fruits your feeding those energy stores for the big day. Fruit glucose plays a huge important role in the body when providing efficient energy, vitamins, nutrients and hydration so it is important to just go wild with the fruit. Especially in the last trimester.

Move And Stretch

For a lot of women getting up and around and walking to the mailbox can feel like a chore but in the last trimester it is especially important to get up and get those limbs moving. Stretching through different yoga positions can help relive back pain and other aches you may have. You want to play nice with your body and let it prepare for the big day. So doing some daily stretching could be just the thing that helps you feel like your in tip top shape and ready when baby wants to come.


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