The Coconut Caboose: Dairy Free and Organic Coconut Desserts

This little caboose blew me away. We searched the entire island for a delicious carbonated coconut water and were completely taken by surprise when we finally found this little caboose of good treats located on Honolua Bay lookout in Maui, Hawaii. 20180110_1124477195161212283329737.jpg Everything from coconut water and shave ice to raw coconut gelato and handcrafted coconut soda this shack does it all. Every coconut dessert on this truck is made with freshly sourced, non-GMO, organic and local ingredients daily and the truth of that shines in the flavor of their delicious treats so you won’t have to worry about getting any funny ingredients in your sweet treats and as a coincidence they are all vegan.




Morning or afternoon, don’t forget to pay them a visit and if you live on the island this wonderful caboose will cater to any event that you desire! If your looking for more information about this wonderful caboose you can visit their website at

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