The Best Hawaiian Gelato On The Island

Of course there are a ton of wonderful things to taste on the island that you cannot get anywhere else, but one thing that struck me particularly unique that wasn’t your traditional Hawaiian shave ice (which is still amazing) is this delicious in house hand-made gelato with fresh fruit juices collected from the fruit of the island. 20180111_162415310025651971404160.jpgThis creamy delicious gelato is for sure a must stop and its particularly wonderful for those who are dairy free and vegan because they have an entire separated fridge display of vegan and non-dairy specific gelato.

The flavors that were being featured here this day were of course nothing out of the ordinary for the island. Pineapple, coconut, dark chocolate, dragonfruit, lilikoi (passionfruit), mango, strawberry, raspberry, lime, guava and lemon flavored gelato’s stare at you as you walk through the door, leaving you with a mouth watering appetite to try them all. 20180111_161827130084514310997445.jpgThis creamy and delicious better then regular ice cream gelato was no doubt fantastic and the best part is they used no artificial dyes, colors, preservatives or extra sweeteners. If your in Paia, Maui you must visit this wonderful place right on Baldwin street right next to a number of other wonderful places to eat.


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