Conventional Antibiotics VS. Herbal Antibiotics

Conventional VS. Herbal

Conventional antibiotics are substances used to treat infections caused by microorganisms including bacteria. Modern antibiotics given and prescribed by doctors are chemically engineered from natural compounds such as ceftriaxone, ampicillin and oxacillin to resemble the naturally occurring penicillin that was discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1928. On the other hand, natural antibiotics are substances that microorganisms produce in order to inhibit the growth of other organisms or microorganisms. Plants produce anti-biotic substances surrounding their root systems to defend themselves from disease and harmful bacteria naturally.

The Discovery And Warning

So as we come back to conventional antibiotics to compare with natural antibiotics I  want to talk about Mr. Alexander Flemming. Alexander had known and discovered how powerful these antibiotics were and conveniently helped a lot of people overcome infection and disease at the time.  However after the production of penicillin products in 1945 he warned against the overuse. He noted that bacteria were adept at developing survival mechanisms making them then resistant to penicillin and other antibiotic treatments. But because we use antibiotics for simple treatments and animal factory farming, those antibiotics aren’t as strong and effective as they once were. In 1977, the FDA concluded that this practice increased the risk that antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria would develop over time. And as we continue today to still use antibiotics in our food industry we can see this happening.

Antibiotics On The Farm?

Farmers generally use antibiotics in confined conditions to treat infections that animals get as most of them suffer from things like abscesses, infected and swollen utters from over milking and infected wounds from fecal bacteria in their environments. Some farmers just give most of their animals the antibiotics to treat them to try and keep them from getting infected, however this doesn’t always work.

What Happens When We Use Herbal Antibiotics?

When we use herbal alternatives instead of conventional antibiotics we aren’t only ensuring that were not going to contribute to the more serious infections that may become resistant, but we can be sure that herbal remedies are also suitable for treating infections at home. The most common ailments such as sore throats, urinary infections, sinus problems and superficial wounds can be treated effectively without prescriptions so there would be no need to take conventional antibiotics to treat these infections as most of them go away on their own with the help of our immune systems and healthy eating anyways. A few examples of herbal antibiotics include goldenseal, cinnamon and Oregon grapes. To ensure a healthy immune system make sure your eating a diet high in fresh fruits and veggies. Even taking a RAW vitamin with probiotics can be helpful to health and immune system strength.

When is it okay to use conventional antibiotics?

If you really have a serious infection that is life threatening you should see a doctor and be treated short term with antibiotics. I do not advise long term use of antibiotics as this could risk gut health and other health problems. Serious infections would include (but not limited to) MRSA, blood infections and perhaps serious kidney infections, especially if a fever is present.


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