Hilary’s Eat Well: A Delicious Frozen Food With Actual Food Ingredients

When we started our vegan food journey just over three years ago, we basically narrowed our diet down to eating just about anything that was vegan, processed or not processed. So that being said, we weren’t really looking at too many ingredients to start. Of course we were buying mostly organic food ingredients, but most of that stuff included processed “hot dogs” or “sausages” and not to say that they don’t taste terrible and once in a while they could be okay to eat, but for an everyday meal, these things should not be depended on for protein. But not all “processed foods” are terrible. No, you just have to look at the ingredients list to make sure that the ingredients that make up that food aren’t foreign, but are rather whole food ingredients.

After just a few years of being vegan we started cutting out a lot of processed foods from our daily diet. Most recently we cut out most of our gluten consumption and MSG. If you read my last article MSG: What is hidden in foods you wouldn’t even know you might remember that I mention how MSG hides in even the most “organic” of foods. MSG often hides under the label Natural flavors, or natural cherry flavor, grape flavor etc. It is upsetting I know, especially if your someone who asks for no MSG when you go out to a Chinese diner for dinner.

But I am not here to talk about MSG again, in fact I want to full heartedly brag about a brand that still allowed us to venture to the frozen food isle for something quick and easy without having to give up our values on nutrition and whole foods. Hilary’s frozen foods.

Choices from Hilary’s!

Hilary’s has a wide variety of burger, sausage, dressings, and other great frozen snack foods that contain whole foods such as, millet, beans, black rice, hemp seeds and chia seeds, coconut oil and coconut milk, sea salt, leafy greens and root veggies. They have a variety of flavors through their foods ranging from apple maple sausage, root veggie burgers, black rice burgers, veggie bites, spicy mesquite bites, balsamic thyme dressing and apple fennel dressings and more!



Certified GOODNESS!

They are certified vegan, kosher, organic, non-GMO and gluten free and best of all, they have prices that are out of this world great. Usually when your trying to find a good veggie burger with quality ingredients most people think that your going to be paying an arm and a leg, but Hilary’s prices are more then modest. Making healthy choices does not have to be expensive, and even if you want a nice veggie burger once in a while you don’t have to give up your morals OR flavor.

Variety of Recipes

If your someone who isn’t into traditional breakfast “sausage” or “veggie burgers” the Hilary’s website offers a ton of unique and delicious recipes and ideas for their products. Hilarys Eat Well Recipes includes recipes and inspiration for spicing up a salad, making delicious spring rolls, stuffed sweet potatoes, stuffed avocados and more! There is so much you can do with Hilary’s foods, making your meals super fun, quick and delicious and you wont be disappointed!



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