MSG: What is hidden in foods you wouldn’t even know

Wow, the world of MSG and the craze of obsession over it in the addition to Chinese and Japanese restaurants. If your someone who goes to a restaurant of Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Asian culture and food and ask for no MSG to be added to your food because you know it makes you feel bad and its not good for you, your about to be surprised. The same MSG that you strive to avoid in that very restaurant is hiding in many of your favorite foods from home and often under a different label.

We have all known for a long time that MSG or Monosodium Glutamate, has some side effects and causes some people to feel a little unwell. Some people experience everything from headaches and migraines to brain fog and dizziness. But why does it make people feel this way?

Written in Anthony Williams book “Life Changing Foods” he tells us, “…MSG-a neurotoxin that builds up in the brain and destroys neurons and glial cells. MSG is incredibly detrimental to the central nervous system and can wreak havoc on your life.” It would make sense that because this is a neurotoxin it would cause us to experience things like brain fog, headaches and migraines. But what is the scientific description of MSG?

Monosodium Glutamate is described as the sodium of salt of glutamic acid, one of the most naturally occurring non-essential amino acids. But what we do not recognize is when we take our foods apart and concentrate the pieces separately for consumption were usually making a concoction of something most unnatural.

Whether you read something on the internet that says its good for you, harmless or even healthy for you, let me tell you my experience when I decided to cut it from my life.

When I first cut MSG from my diet the first thing I started to notice was a debloat. The same “swelling” or puffiness you get from high sodium dishes sort of dissipated. My face skimmed down, and even my husband noticed a difference in himself as well. In fact he actually lost a few pounds the first week and a half.

Other things I noticed were, my sleep became better, my brain fog went away, my headaches and sleepiness went away and I overall feel a bit lighter.

Now I’m not saying that everyone is going to lose weight in the first couple weeks if they cut out the MSG, but this was mearly our experience.

Anthony William states that MSG is one of the many food additives that feed disease and bacteria in our bodies and it can cause a host of issues we may or may not notice.

***If you dont know who Anthony William is, I highly suggest looking into this man’s health protocols and website information. He has written four amazing books on how to heal and has a ton of followers healing themselves from diseases and disorders such as ADHD and Autism to Diabeties and Autoimmune diseases. He has a website, Facebook and I Instagram page and even has a space on pinterest for recipes.***

So what do we look out for on the labels? MSG can be labeled on food labels under:

  • Natural flavors
  • Organic natural flavors
  • Natural cherry flavor
  • Natural strawberry flavor
  • Natural chocolate flavor
  • Etc.

And of course some labels just blatantly say, monosodium glutamate. The saddest part is, I never realized how much of our food contains MSG, even organic foods contain MSG, those that are stated healthy. Just take a look next time you go to the grocery store, even health food stores carry many organic items with MSG.

But there is hope, there are a few companies out there that don’t put MSG in their foods. Hilaries is one company we love. They have frozen veggie burgers and sausages and more and they include hearty, whole food ingredients. No nonsense. Also, you can always look to fresh organic healthy produce to avoid MSG as well.

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