Cooking without oil could help you save those empty calories

When I started reading Dr. Greger’s “How Not To Die”. I was already in a place and transition to veganism. I knew nothing more then the idea that it was going to save animals, save the environment and save my health. But Dr. Greger made me realize that there is veganism and then there is Plant Based Eating. Both are very much different from one another. Plant Based eating focuses on eating whole foods and proteins from beans and legumes and Vegan food can just mean eating literally anything that does not come from an animal.

Dr. Greger talks about the controversial things that we think we already know about cooking with oils. At first I was a little taken back because I really used to think olive oil was so good for us of I cooked with it. However Dr. Greger states some facts stating otherwise.

“I think of oil as the table sugar of the fat kingdom.” He says.

“Olive oil, (unlike canned salted olives) is sodium free, but most of it’s nutrients has been removed. You can think of extra virgin olive oil a little like a fruit juice. It has nutrients, but the calories you get are relatively empty compared to those from the whole fruit.”

Even famed herbalist Rosemary Gladstar understands that both light and heat makes oils go rancid and most of us would never willingly eat something if we knew it had gone rancid. Why would we want to fry our food in a rancid oil?

So what do we do?

So most of us have been cooking with oils our whole life, so switching to another way of cooking can seem a bit intimidating at first. When we cook with water we are rather steaming our food, which we know all helps to preserve the nutrients in the food anyways. When your cooking or trying to sauté your food on the stove you can just add a little splash of water each time your food looks like its going to start to stick to the pan. And it works great!

What about baking? Same thing, you just add a little water to the pan. Or if your making potato fries you can try and boil them for five minutes, dredge them into a gluten free flour and spices and then bake. You end up getting a crispy outside and a soft and moist inside. So delicious!

Now, I am not saying that you need to completely remove all oils from your life because once in a great while ill cook with a very miniscule amount of avocado oil. But as for cooking with olive oil anymore, I don’t even have it in the house. Cooking with water has not ever been a problem for me, it just took a change of thinking!

And if you like the taste of olive oil on salads, you can rest assured that it won’t be as terrible for you as it would be if it was cooked. Find a raw, organic olive oil if your wanting to use it on salads.

Disclaimer: In a perfect world we would be able to avoid all oils everywhere we went, and I realize that is very much impossible as almost everyone, everywhere cooks with oils, but what you change in your own home and cooking can make a huge difference in your food and in your health. (:

Little steps*

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