The Benefits of Burning Palo Santo

I often use Palo Santo at home because I there is something about the smell that captivates me and keeps me grounded. It brings me back to a state of calm and awareness and allows me to focus on things I would otherwise be too busy minded to think about. But Palo Santo doesn’t just have a wonderful fragrance to it. It has a lot of added benefits to its burning that should be considered.


Indigenous peoples often use Palo Santo during meditational ceremonies and spiritual cleansing to ward off evil or negative energies and it is still used today in many meditational practices in the common home for it’s same sought out benefits.

It is thought that burning Palo Santo in the winter can help open up our already heavy hearts and souls to creativity, and happiness as it lifts the spirits in the alleviation of depression and anxiety, which goes hand in hand with the removal of “negative energies”.


Medicinally Palo Santo has been used to help alleviate colds, Β flu’s , stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and even some relief from emotional turmoil as it has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effects! The essential oil form is known to help alleviate some physical pain and inflammation containing high levels of D-Limonene and Monotropenes.

Aside from its spiritually uplifting and medicinal properties, it is also known that the fresh smoke of Palo Santo helps ward the area of mosquitos and other flying insects. (Which to me, the fleeing of mosquitos alone is a great release of negativity in any area.)


Palo Santo Tree
Palo Santo Tree

Amazing Smell


There is something peaceful about watching the stick of Palo Santo burn slowly. You may watch as the smoke rises slowly and dissipates into the air releasing all of is benefits as the scent permeates the room. There is really nothing quite like it, in fact I prefer burning Palo Santo over Sage burning due to the smell. Sometimes the smell of Sage can get overwhelming at times.

So, if your not into burning Sage or Sweet grass, (or even if you are), try a little bit of Palo Santo next time your looking to clean out some negative energy in your space. My little loves to follow me around the house with an unlit piece of Palo Santo pretending to “smoke” the house while I do. It’s a wonderful habit to pick up, and as you can see has many added benefits.

But remember to always purchase from sustainable, natural farms that do not use pesticides.


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