Dandelions: One Mans Trash, But Another Ones Treasure

Dandelions are either hated for their obnoxious presence in the landscape of a perfect green lawn or they are prized for their highly medicinal properties and food potential. Many people spend tons of money trying to make their yards completely free of any signs of them, but if they only knew what they were worth to the rest of the world the might change their minds.


Dandelions have a wide variety of uses. I have seen people use them in salads, pesto’s and soups and I have also seen people make wines, jellies and preserves out of them. But there are also other ways you can take dandelion if your looking to continuously receive its medicinal benefits. Often, tincture, supplement and tea form is quite common. But if your looking to drink dandelion tea, you should beware that it can be a bit bitter so you might want to add in a sweetener or try roasting it before drinking it on the daily. Unless your into bitter drinks. (Good for you!)

If your taking Dandelions internally you can be sure your getting your worth of vitamins as they are known to be high in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A. It is also known to be rich in antioxidants, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Other Benefits include:

  • Healthy Bones (from the calcium)
  • Healthy Urinary Tract (Diuretic)
  • Healthy Liver Cleansing (Vitamin C, antioxidants and other compounds)
  • Healthy Skin Benefits (externally)
  • Helps to fight Diabetes (stimulates production of insulin)
  • Rich in Fiber

When used in a salve it can be used to help treat skin infections and help to soothe dry cracked hands. I have used it as an addition to my gardeners salve to help relieve my dry and cracked hands in the summer. But it could also be useful in the winter time as our skin becomes dry then too. 20180502_1258058049074713795743184.jpg

And in all of this because it is great for the liver it can be used to help treat Jaundice, Gall Bladder issues, Cancer and Anemia. (Never try to self treat without a professional).
There are many more added benefits to eating and taking dandelion root for its medicinal quality but these were the few prized reasons.

Now I hoped that I have made you at least see the Dandelion in a different light now that you have read the amazing benefits and qualities it has but I want to note that you should never pick Dandelions from the side of the road or from a place in which you know has been sprayed with pesticides. You don’t want to ingest sprays or other harmful pollutants and always be sure your source is reliable when finding your dandelions.




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