Madera Outdoors: Camping with Purpose

MADERA translates to the word wood. So why is this relevant? Wood is what trees are made of, and trees are what we can hang our hammocks from when we camp, tress can also help feed, nourish and replenish lands and they are so important to our every living being…. So what am I getting at?
Madera Outdoors, they are a company that sells awesome hammock gear for those who are looking for a new way to camp or explore the outdoors!
You can take them to music festivals, day hikes, backpacking trips or even just hang them up in the yard to lounge..

Madera Outdoors is not only encouraging others to get outdoors and explore the natural world but every time someone makes a hammock purchase through their site they plant two trees in Kenya!
Why is this important? With their movement they are helping to fight hunger and poverty and sickness and we can help them by camping it out!Hammock

By using my link below you can checkout their website for yourself and see what good they are doing for others..

Madera Outdoors

And if your interested in purchasing a hammock you can use my special code at checkout for an extra 40% your first hammock.




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