Rice Love: A Company Making A Beautiful Difference with their Beautiful Products++EXTRA 20% with Me [:

I search far and wide for truly good companies to talk about. In fact I think I might be too much of a nit pick when it comes to sustainability sometimes but when I come across a company that is doing a greater good for those who are in need, I cant help but fall in love and support whatever it is that they are doing.

When I came across Rice Love I literally said, wow, this is a company that I can get behind and support 100% as you will know what I mean in just a moment.

Rice Love is a company that is devoted to feeding the hungry and poor with every single purchase that is made through their store. India has a population of about 1.2 billion people and 450 million of them are below poverty lines and consist of about 1/3 of the worlds total poor.

When you buy a bag or item from rice love they hand deliver rice to these families in need. Not only do they feed families but they help the elderly single mothers and single families of fathers as well.

Right now the people of Rice Love are working in Nepal and in India and as they expand they plan to move to help the homeless in Hawaii. Best part about it all is that once you purchase an item from them you also receive a number in which you can take to their website and physically see photos of the family that you helped out so you can have a deeper connection with the good you are doing. You can see proof of this here:

Not only are they doing good for the people of the community but their bags are made from recycled rice bags so they leave a smaller footprint on the earth.


Discount Code & Website

If you truly want to support a great company with a good heart and motive check out their website at:


For an extra 20% off you can use the coupon code below at checkout:


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