A Beautiful Glass Teapot for your Tea Drinking Needs

Tea is one of my favorite things to drink. Especially herbal teas. Did you know that over coffee and water, tea is the number one beverage drank amongst the entire world? There are so many ways that you can enjoy tea on a day to day basis, hot, iced or even just cold. You can brew it using the sun, using cold infusion or using the traditional boiling water method with your whistling tea kettle on the stove… but there is one kettle that I do favor over the others.. and I am not sure if it is just because I get to watch the magic of tea happen when I steep the herbs to the hot water, or if its just the beauty of this glass all together….

This teapot is so easy to use and is perfect for all of those loose leaf tea drinkers. If you don’t have a tea strainer or you want to just have yourself a cup of tea with a friend. I would say that you might have to invest in this beautiful little pot here. To our favorite teapot, because tea-time is never a bad time. The teapot itself is 27oz and it comes with a micromesh stainless steel filter for loose teas. If you enjoy flower blooming teas, you can place the flower right into the pot and watch it bloom.

So here is a link to our favorite little teapot!

Your favorite teapot!

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