Lavender; A Gardeners Friend And A Great Nervine


Most everyone is familiar with lavender, at least once in your lifetime you have had to of come across something fragranced with or like lavender. Although I do have to say that something that is artificially fragranced of lavender smells a lot different then something that actually contains lavender. Whatever it might be, it is true that many treasure it for it’s smell but lavender has a lot more to offer then its pleasurable and relaxing scent. In fact it goes a lot deeper than we most know when its paired with fragrant and medicinal companions.

Lavender was originally native to the Mediterranean, but can be grown almost anywhere but the obvious places such as Alaska. (Unless of course you have a serious green thumb for indoor plants.) As a plant, most of its species are said to like the abandonment, so its a very easy plant to care for as its not very finicky. (Great for Brown Thumbs).

Owning a few lavender bushes myself I can say that I do get a few harvests from my bushes each year, and then she goes dormant through the winter and comes back again ready to blossom in late spring. I do have to say that I love walking into my garden and being invited in by the smell of lavender. It makes gardening that much more pleasurable. Among its smell, there are a few reasons I have decided to plant lavender bushes inside of my garden and around the house.

  • Lavender attracts the pollinators
  • It repels mosquitos, flies, fleas and moths, aphids, mice and rabbits
  • Makes a great companion with all the veggies in the brassica family such as cauliflower and broccoli, and its even a great companion for carrots.

Other then being a wonderful garden friend for your plants, it has some medicinal qualities too.

  • It is a mild anti-depressant (Especially when combined with Passionflower)
  • A strong nervine (Especially when combined with Chamomile and Passionflower)
  • Provides headache relief (Especially when combined wither Feverview)
  • Great in salves or poultices for sunburns

So next time your looking out for a good tea to keep around in the house, or even looking for a beautiful flower bush to plant in your yard, consider lavender. It sure has more to offer than its beauty and scent.

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