Fun Crispy Tofu Nuggets

As a child I absolutely loved snacking on chicken nuggets. More over, I think I loved the dipping sauces even more. After I went vegan, I tried forever to try and find a healthier version of the “Chick’un” nuggets that we found processed in the grocery store. And although I am not against getting them once in a while to splurge, they can get a bit pricey at times. Especially if you have children.

So I tried to come up with my own that was both cheaper, oil free, and healthier and this is what I came up with. They are so delicious, and great served with BBQ, Ketchup, Mustard, Hot Sauce, whatever it is your into dunking your nuggets in, these are just the thing! Best of all, they are child approved.


Baked Crispy Tofu Nuggets

20180126_1142201193575450.jpgYou will need:

  • 1 14oz block of EXTRA FIRM tofu
  • 1/3 cup of Nutritional yeast
  • 2tsp Paprika
  • 2tsp Cumin
  • 1tsp Salt
  • 1tsp Pepper
  • 1 tsp mustard seed powder


  1. Start by draining the block of tofu and wrapping the whole block into a few pieces of paper towel to pat it dry. (Let sit while you prepare the coating and cookie sheet.)
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 425F
  3. Grab a medium size cookie sheet and lay down parchment paper or foil. If your using foil, I highly recommend lightly coating the foil with coconut oil so that the tofu does not stick to the pan.
  4. In a medium bowl, add together all of the spices and make sure they are well combined.
  5. After you have patted the tofu dry, cut the tofu into whatever shape strips you would like to. I have made them into squares, triangles and as you can see in the pictures, strips.( I usually get about 20 strips. ) Make sure when you are cutting them that they are no more than about a 1/4 inch thick or they will take forever to crisp. (You can also make them into little cubes about the size of a dime.)
  6. Take about 3-4 slices of tofu at a time and put it in your bowl of spices to gently coat. Flip the tofu around or gently move the bowl around to shake up the spices.
  7. Once the tofu is coated you can lay them neatly on the baking sheet.
  8. Place your tofu strips into the oven for about 20 minutes. Check on them and make sure they are cooking well. (If they are “sticking” a little bit, that’s okay, the longer they are in the oven the more they lose moisture so they won’t appear to stick.)
  9. After you check on your tofu, place it back in the oven for about 10-15 more minutes or until your desired crispiness has been reached
  10. Remove the nuggets and serve with potato wedges and your favorite dipping sauce.


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