Self Reflections from Nature

Breaking “expectations”

Often, I find my moods change with the seasons. I look to nature for sympathy and healing when I cant bring the light inside of myself. What I fail to realize is that the only “failures” I highlight in my life are the ones given to myself, by myself. The fact that even in nature we as humans find things we consider “imperfections” yet she stands shamelessly. If I may reflect my own beauty upon the same pedestal we put everything else on, I will always remain feeling insecure. For a simple word of negativity said on impulse does not effect her ways. She remains untouched, unbothered and unimpressed. Her beauty stands strong and confident as she flows in her ways with grace because nature is the true image of beauty. I admire what the nature of the land can teach. I wish to take the same qualities of adaption that she acquires and reflect them upon my own life. Remain untouched and uninfluenced by the ways of others. Do not compare your abilities and success to someone else or you will forever be chasing and impossible dream. Focus on the abilities that you do have, instead of trying to acquire abilities that you do not and in your imperfections, embrace that you have them, because your imperfections are only considered imperfect in the measures of human thought. For too, nature can be seen imperfect in the wrong set of eyes.

In Comparison to Nature

We can often find in front of ourselves the answers we seek when we look inside. As these seasons change from fall to winter we can see nature in all of her bare self. She remains shameless in her naked-self as she sheds her colors and undresses all that we “see” beautiful and all that is left is the embodiment of her bare being. Without the flowers, the green pastures and the ever-changing leaves. As the cold emptiness surrounds her as what we can metaphorically conceive as the negative space that surrounds us, she freezes still, but if we look closer we can also see that she is more beautiful than ever. Despite the removal of all that makes her “appealing” we can see that she still stands tall, strong and confident of her well being and survival. Her willingness to thrive and be herself and change with the seasons makes her more beautiful then ever because in this we can find that in ourselves, only the strength of our minds, and the confidence that we have makes us shine brighter and more beautifully than any beauty that we might see on the outside.

Accepting our Faults

There is a difference in being okay with imperfections and accepting our negative feelings or thoughts. Imperfections may be thought of things that we can visually see or things that we can physically do, but the measures go far beyond that. For instance, I have worked to change my own self judgement for a long time, but only when I hear it from my husband as he sees the way I am living my day to day life do I then see for myself how it truly influences me to live my day to day life. You are only bound by the measures you create for yourself. Breaking boundaries and patterns of negative thinking can be difficult. Take time to think about the things that you want to change about yourself. Admit them to yourself instead of hiding from them, because hiding them can truly tear us apart. Once you can admit that there is something you don’t like about yourself, to yourself, it becomes easier to admit it to others. Chances are, your own insecurities could be the same ones that your loved ones are having too. But by being strong and accepting the fact that you want to change and that you have imperfections, it becomes easier to work on them together with someone else and may possibly just be the boost of confidence that you need.

Healing from Within

Healing starts with ourselves. We are all our own worst enemies at times. It is true that our thoughts create our own realities. As soon as I begin telling myself positive things I begin to feel better and happier about my life. Instead of telling myself that I am unworthy of love, I need to change it to I am worthy of being loved and having the things that I have manifested in my life. Give yourself more credit for what your worth. Especially if you have children. I cannot say that I don’t ever have feelings of being down. I have my husband to thank you for being so supportive and constantly reminding me of who I truly am when I appear to lose myself in times of stress. Remember who you truly are. Don’t be embarrassed or even influenced by someone else’s train of thinking or expectation because healing and loving yourself starts with you. Remove all that influences your thinking, whether it be music, television or social media. Be with your raw self, take time to be by yourself in silence and truly think about where your going and what things you desire in your life. The importance of the relationships that you have with your family and friends and embrace the changes you need to make to feel improvement.

After all is said and done, the only thing that matters in this life is how you feel about yourself and how you can love those around you just as much ❤

Happy Healing my friends.

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