Delicious Oats: Wild blueberries, maple syrup and cacao chips

Okay, so for the longest time I had struggled with getting my husband to like oatmeal. And to be honest, I understand that there has been some very terrible tasteless oatmeal out there and I can see why most people would be turned off by its mush. BUT! Oatmeal does not always have to taste so terrible. I mean, you can do almost anything you like with it. Adding fruit, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, coconut flakes, chocolate chips or walnuts, almonds, hemp seeds… gosh anything you can think of can be added to your oatmeal. SO there is no excuse to have bland old oats.  Not into hot oats? EAT THEM COLD! They are just as good.

Oatmeal is very good for you. It goes beyond just holding away your appetite in the morning. Oats are very high in fiber and include minerals such as manganese, selenium, phosphorus, antioxidants, magnesium, and zinc. Oats have also been said to contain more fat and protein in them than most other grains. In fact, if your one who struggles to keep a good blood sugar balance, having a bowl of oatmeal in the morning might just be what you need to start your day! (without added sugar of course).P1000424 They are the perfect backpacking food and a great way to start off your digestion in the morning, especially if you pair it with a good cup of coffee… (Did I say that?)
Try adding a little cinnamon or nutmeg for more flavor! (As cinnamon can be good to balance ones blood sugar.) (Ceylon cinnamon is best).

If you want to find a good reliable oatmeal, try to find organic rolled oats. Quick oats are okay too if your in a pinch, but make sure its organic, and also, don’t buy the packets of oatmeal that have tons of sugar in them. Your body will thank you for eating the good quality oats, and will be pleased that you took the extra 5 minutes to make your own oats in the morning. Besides, dressing up your oats in fruits, nuts and berries will have you feeling like a fancy chef in no time!

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