A Poem of Hope

She can Bring about life,
Flourish in joy and beauty
Gentleness and kindness 
Flow with her pride,She provides,All that we needAll that she gives is theLife that we succeed

She wants to see us nourished

With this she is complete

But when face with greed

She binds and she breaks

She fights for her life

Even if what she loves is at stake

All that she wants is to nurture,

We use her and abuse her,

And take her for granted

She fights and she cries

Why would you take what I provide?

Cant you see what your doing

Stare me face to face,

Look me in the eye

She fights back without grace

She takes back what we’ve stolen

Her love cannot be broken,

But her trust has been taken

She fights back for her land

And takes back her medicine

What are you doing?

Why don’t you understand?

All she wants is to love

All she wants is to provide

All that we need to understand is

Were not all here in divide

She turns to God as he

Places his hand on her shoulder

I do not understand,

When will this be over?

He comforts her at-last

Reassures her of the past

What is to come might hurt

For this is all in my plan

But if you follow me to the ends

I’ll nurture your sorrow

I will take away your pain

You will not worry for tomorrow

If you seek me now you will finally see

That the happiness you reach for,

It’s only moments from this peak

~~~Allison Jaloszynski


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