Children in Nature

This past weekend we decided we would spend a little time outdoors before the winter winds start to blow freely. Fall is our most favorite time to travel, the trees are coming to an end in their turning of colors and the fall breeze rushes the fresh scent of pine and crisp leaves under your nose. What is not to love about fall colors, crispy leaves and nice warm sweaters? Although fall is thought to be the most beautiful time of the year by many, I think we can look at it in a deeper sense.

Like our own human existence we all live in a cycle. We move with nature, we change, adapt and grow with nature. If we pay attention to the cycles of life we can understand a little more about ourselves. As I see my son grow curious about the things he sees in life it helps me to learn as well. Most of what nature shows us goes ignored day in and day out, but all it takes is a day of silence, no contact to the outside world (with the exception of emergencies for obvious reasons) and time. You don’t even have to leave for weeks to understand that if we move with the flow of nature that not only do we realize that nature is in no rush or hurry to change, but we can notice that we start to slow down as well.P1000352 Our thinking patterns begin to slow and our priorities and desires become clearer and sometimes we get to actually think about what we really want in life, and only now do we realize by watching nature change that our lives are too short to live them day by day doing the same things and desiring things that wont ever have permanent purpose. Material satisfaction never lasts, it is something that we continuously have to replenish and feed by getting the newest next best thing. And although in the chaos of the real world this might seem temporarily important to some people, what happens when we take those things away? Can we truly begin to think for ourselves and find who we really are?

I think that technology has its perks, in fact if I didn’t have and belief in technology I wouldn’t be blogging here as I am today, but I think that a lot of us tend to get caught up in having the media tell us what we want and desire all the time. The media shapes our minds and influences and convinces us to like things that we don’t even like and to do things that we wouldn’t normally do by ourselves.

My husband and I had easily come to an agreement on how we were going to raise our son (as many parents obviously do or should do). What I was most thankful for was the way that he could agree with me about how it is more important to let our son be influenced by nature rather then modern day media. P1000364 I am not by any means talking bad about parents who let their children watch T.V. in fact, we have let our son watch a few approved cartoons here and there, but when we are making a decision about how and what were going to do to guide him, it is mostly based on the experiences we had and how we realized the media and common day advertisements influenced us to go down some wrong paths.

All of our children will make mistakes, as we do as adults. We all have to learn from ourselves, and although we cannot control everything that our children get into every day we can help to shape them and guide them into the right direction by being an example.P1000353 Get them outside, let them explore, climb, fall down, trip, swing from a branch, jump into a creek, whatever it might be let your children be driven in nature and influenced by instinct because I believe a lot of us have lost it through our day to day lives. Try to avoid bringing your phones out into nature while your outdoors. Try to avoid texting constantly when your in front of them, or having your eyes glued to the televisions or computers when they are trying to show you something important to them. Children constantly are looking for our approval and reactions, so when they need you, make your attention count and don’t disregard it. We are their most important teachers in life, so we need to be that for them instead of letting the media do it for us. Because if were going to have an influence on who they become as they grow into adults, then we need to be that example and guide them into that direction ourselves.

Life it too short, enjoy it with your children while you can and make every moment count, because before too long, your little ones won’t be asking to crawl into bed with you at night anymore, they wont be asking for your hand in help, or awaiting for your approval to do something. Instead of being annoyed, embrace these times, because they will never come at another moment in your life again. ❤

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