Juniper and Thyme Sanitizer

Winter is coming, and so are the bugs, and this year we hear they are going to be TERRIBLE. Even though we cannot avoid every single bug that is out there, we can take some precautions to keeping ourselves healthy and avoid getting sick “as much”. It is almost inevitably known that if your going to leave your house during the winter months to go absolutely anywhere your bound to get sick and let alone come into contact with someone else who is carrying the flu or cold.

No one likes to be sick, and although we cannot completely remove ourselves from society when the world seems to be breaking out into a plague like flu we cannot stay in our homes without leaving forever so the best thing we can do is make sure were taking care of ourselves, washing our hands and using sanitizer. And I don’t just mean the hormone disrupting chemically washed hand sanitizer that is common day dressed up in some delicious smelling pie like scent. I mean some good meaning, germ fighting hand wash and sanitizer!

Our home made sanitizer is so easy to make I don’t blink for one second about taking out some time to make up a batch of this for our winter essentials. Among many of our winter medicines we like to make up batches of elderberry tincture, elecampane tincture, thyme and juniper and commonly we have on hand our juniper essential oil and the all to known “Thieves” essential oil. There are many other herbs that are great to use through the winter, but these are the few I always have on hand.

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

  • 1 oz of Juniper Tincture
  • 1 oz of Thyme Tincture
  • 2 oz of Distilled/Filtered water
  • 15-20 drops of Thieves essential oil

You will also need a 4oz glass amber bottle with a sprayer top.


Everywhere we go we take this stuff with us. It is easy to make and easy to use! All you have to do is mix all of the above ingredients into the glass bottle and shake before you use!

If you don’t know where to find the tinctures you can always look on or amazon. If you would rather make your own tinctures like we did, they are simple and easy to do at home in your own kitchen.


Why Thyme?

Thyme is amazing when it comes to is active properties fighting against bacteria and viruses, this is why I made it a point to add it to the sanitizer. Thyme is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and it has been known to work off about any respiratory infection. It is known to help prevent infection from cuts and scrapes so it is also a great additive to salves. If you would rather use the essential oil instead of using the tincture you can always add 15-20 drops of this instead of 1oz of thyme tincture.

Why Juniper?

Juniper berries are one of my prized and most favorite plant medicines to use, they are Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. In its essential oil form it has been known to work as a great natural antibiotic!

Juniper as some very impressive qualities when it comes to killing off different bacteria. It has shown to be active against tuberculosis and many drug-resistant bacteria that it would be silly not to add it to the sanitizer. You can either use the tincture of juniper berries or boil the whole plant and use 1oz of the water or “tea” if you want to. The remainder of the wash can be used to disinfect counters!!

You can always change up the recipe if you would like, for the most part I added the thieves oil for scent reasons, but as we all know, thieves has been known to show great antibacterial properties as well. 


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