California poppy: a natural pain and stress reliever

California Poppy

The State flower of California is a kissing cousin of the opium poppy. It has similar sedative and narcotic properties but it is MUCH milder and non-addictive.

California poppy is excellent in establishing equilibrium and calming nerve stress and excitability. It is recommended for children who have difficulty sleeping or for children who tend to be overly excitable. Those who may suffer with insomnia could find that California Poppy tincture may help them get the rest they need.

California Poppy is known to help with:

  • Reducing pain
  • Inducing sleep
  • reducing anxiousness

This poppy’s active properties include:

  • Analgesic (reduces pain)
  • Antispasmotic (relaxes muscles and inturupts spasms and cramping
  • Anxiolytic (calms anxiety)
  • Sedative (Helps one sleep)

You may find that it works well with herbs like Kava-Kava for reducing anxious tension, Valerian for sleeping or St. Johns Wort for stress and anxiety.

There are different ways you can take an herb when your using it for medicine, but I believe that the best way to administer an herb for pain medication would be through tincture. Mostly due to the fact that most tinctures are made with alcohol and when administered orally, if you place the drops under the tongue it is said that it reaches the blood stream faster and works more quickly. However, if you are looking for a tincture and trying to avoid the alcohol there are different options such as this non-alcoholic blend of California Poppy Tincture. It is of great quality, still works wonderfully and best of all it is organically grown. But if your okay with taking the regular tincture made with alcohol I find that this four ounce bottle of California poppy works wonderfully. 

You can take 15-25 drops of tincture three times daily. But if your going to be doing anything strenuous through the day that you may need your energy for I would recommend something like St. Johns wort for anxiousness or White Willow Bark for pain instead for day time use.

If you want to try to use California Poppy in combination with another herb such as St. Johns Wort, make sure you are not taking any other anti-depressant medication at the time. I like this brand from Pure Mountain Botanicals.

Another great option is this combination of Valerian and Kava-Kava tincture for anxiety and stress. But if your looking for a simple sleep aid,  Valerian tincture can be used in combination with the California Poppy tincture to help.

Making your own tincture:

If your looking to possibly make your own tincture, it is said that making the tincture from fresh herb is best, but if your not in an area where California Poppy grows locally then you can always order the herb online. I like to use Mountain Rose herbs because they always have quality herb on hand.

If your going to make your own tincture with the dried herb, use a 1:2 ratio of herb to alcohol, using a 90% grain alcohol. (or the highest you can find)

First, fill half of your jar with herb, pour hot water over the herb, just enough to rehydrate the herb and then fill the rest of the jar up to the top with alcohol.

Keep in a cool dark place for up to 4-6 weeks and shake when you can remember.

It is important that you use a grain alcohol for tincturing because it extracts the best. Avoid using flavored alcohols.


This information is not intended to treat or cure any disease- it is simply being provided for information only.

Thank you my herbal friends- and happy healing ❀




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