Glucose, the brain and Diabetes

Alright so when we look at the word glucose, I am sure we have a lot of feelings and judgements that come up. Glucose is a very controversial type of topic with its relation to sugar. But what you might be getting it confused with is fructose.

In relation to how or what we think about sugar has largely been manipulated and has confused a lot of the mass out there. A lot of people tend to stay away from fruit because they believe that the fruit sugar is the culprit in weight gain or other unfortunate disorders. When in fact it has shown to be the opposite on many occasions.

When we take a look at refined sugars and compare them to fruit sugars we will see that there are a number of evident differences. Refined sugars were processed from the sugar cane plant in its natural state. Thus the process to allow us to extract and break down that sugar cane and grab hold of actual “refined sugar” gives us the ability to eat THAT much more of it void of ANY nutrients. The same goes for anything processed. It generally takes a plant from its whole form and turns it into something completely different and concentrated without any benefit of nutrients.

But I am not just here to talk about refined sugar. I also want to focus on fruit and its glucose and how important it is for bodily functions including the brain and its influence on everything from our emotions to our energy and well-being.

I want to give out a bit of information regarding some discoveries that were found during the comparison testing between fructose and glucose influence on the body.

Reported by The Chicago Tribune we found that, fructose was known to reduce neural activity in the cortical control areas of the brain surrounding the hypothalamus for about twenty minutes where as glucose significantly raised the level on neural activity for the same about of time. These two groups were compared with a saline or “placebo” group who showed no change in brain function.

Glucose for the brain is like fuel for your vehicle. If you put a cheap gas in your vehicle, or gas that is not right for your vehicle, you can expect to either quickly run through a tank of gas faster than normal and or experience some issues down the road. As we all know that healthy foods should be our “fuel” source and medicine it is important that we also know that what types of foods we choose to put in our bodies have a significant influence on the way that our bodies run and function, just like our vehicles.

I am going to share with you some information from a great book I have read by Anthony William titled, Medical Medium.

“Glucose is a protective biochemical critical to the brain because it places a veil of protection over the sensitive brain and neurological tissue.”

“Glucose is needed to prevent brain cells, brain tissue, and neurons from becoming saturated by the acidic and corrosive nature of the adrenaline and cortisol released from anger, frustration, hopelessness and fear.”

“Glucose is there to stop the electrical storms in the brain that arise when trauma occurs, with electrical impulses firing off at an alarming rate, affecting brain tissue, neurons, and  glial cells.”

It is undeniable that we understand how therapeutic sweet things can be in times of stress. And this could be due to the fact that our brain is using up its glucose levels to help protect the brain and your emotional state in times of need. But eating just anything sweet is not the answer. Feeding your brain the glucose it needs from natural foods such as fruits in a fruit smoothie or some sweet banana ice cream sweetened with dates, could be the answer to your “healing” and your bodies ability to help heal both your nerves and emotional state.

Not only does the brain alone thrive from glucose but the body as a whole, including the central nervous system. Glucose is what we use to build and sustain muscle and it performs vital functions such as repairing damaged tissues and cells.

When you eat your food, the body breaks it down into glucose and places it into the bloodstream so it can travel to all of your cells. However, your cells cannot access he glucose directly because they need help from the pancreas. The pancreas is consistently monitoring the bloodstream, so when it detects a rise in glucose levels it responds by sending out the hormone called insulin. Insulin then attaches to your cells and signals them to open up and absorb the glucose therefor allowing your cells to get the energy they need and ensures your blood glucose levels  to remain stable.

If you happen to eat a particularly unhealthy meal and your pancreas cannot keep up, the insulin then directs the extra glucose to be stored in the liver so when your glucose levels run low later, your liver can release the stored glucose by your cells. This is why insulin is so important to the body’s function.

Glucose and Fructose are very different when it comes to influencing the bodies ability to function. Fruit has been known to help diabetics in healing, in fact fruit is the best thing that a diabetic can have. The problem is with the misinformation of diet changes that should be made when someone is diagnosed with diabetes. The majority of people who are diagnosed with diabetes are placed on a diet that thrives on animal protein and vegetables and find themselves sometimes progressing into type two diabetes some time down the line even though they tried to avoid sugar their entire lives. Why is this?

Lets go back to the pancreas and the liver. There is a very common misconception that diabetes is caused by eating a lot of foods high in sugar. However, it is not sugar that is the issue, it is sugar and fat combined. You could go your entire life eating fruit and never get diabetes but if you eat a diet high in fat as well, it then changes the course.

Most people who consume processed and junk foods high in sugar content or even seemingly try to eat a healthy dish with chicken and then follow up with a desert typically eat a lot of fat and sugar at the same time. While the sugar is not attached to nutrients from fruits and veggies it is definitely unhealthy. Whether your eating “lean” versions of meat or fast food that has been battered in oil and fried it is important to know that these fats make it extremely difficult for the body to allow the insulin produced by your pancreas to drive sugar into your cells for energy. Its almost like “clogging up the locks” with fat. Then what you have is a bloodstream full of sugar that has no where else to go but with the flow.

A strong liver will then help store the glucose for a rainy day but a diet full of animal fats, protein and processed oils can burden the liver as well. This causes your liver to fall vulnerable from having to constantly clean up the excess glucose that was not initially transferred to energy from insulin in the first place. When this happens, it tends to dump the excess glucose back into the bloodstream causing what we know as hypoglycemia, which can then lead to type two diabetes if you do not take the right diet precautions.

Your pancreas had to produce the enzymes to breakdown the fat in order to digest it so as a result of eating a diet high in fat, it causes your pancreas to work extra hard. If you already have other factors in your life that are causing extra strain on your pancreas such as severe emotional distress and excess adrenaline, then a diet high in fat could be all that it takes to tell your fate.

It is very important to understand that animal fats weaken the pancreas and liver to begin with and sugar is just the messenger. So in this case health professionals are just “shooting the messenger” when they place someone on a diet of animal protein and veggies and rid of all sugar from both processed foods and fruits.

The good news is, that all of this can be reversible with diet. It is extremely important to know that DECREASING your animal consumption and increasing fruits and veggies is imperative to avoiding OR ridding of your diabetes. Likely and even better, a whole foods plant based diet would be the right answer, but if your finding it to hard to completely rid yourself of animal protein, at least try to limit it as much as possible.

If you are looking for more information on how to cure yourself from diabetes or hypoglycemia, it would be in your best interest to really do some research about the benefits of a plant based diet. A couple of good book recommendations that provide a wonderful amount of well cited and tested information would be..

” How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger

“Medical Medium” by Anthony William

“Whole” by Dr. Campbell

Thank you for your time today, and happy healing ❤


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