Stinging Nettle: A Highly Nutritious Herb

Stinging nettle may not sound like something you would want to harvest and eat, but its nutritive qualities are shown to be very helpful and impressive to many people including pregnant women. To many, nettle may be considered just another annoying forest or yard plant as the sharp stinging leaves cause one to experience skin... Continue Reading →

Spiced Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

Everyone loves a pancake. Some like pancakes sweeter than others but for me, I like a pancake full of flavor more than I do overbearing sweetness.. Recently I didn't even realize that most people sweeten their pancakes with sugar and then top it with maple syrup which was astounding to me because I cannot handle... Continue Reading →

Organic Coconut bowls with Spoons

My goodness, talk about all natural and home made. These coconut bowls are so eco-friendly and worth their price. They are handmade from reclaimed coconut shells and finished with coconut oil. There are no chemicals used in the harvesting and they are totally food safe and perfect for your smoothie bowls and cereals and they... Continue Reading →

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